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After many years of abuse concrete will stress and crack and it can be the site of a not so appealing driveway. Concrete designs peoria az can do concrete repairs and complete driveway installs. For driveway replacement, there’s no better contractor to address all of your needs than concrete designs in Peoria. We understand the importance of your driveway to you, and we have everything that it takes to ensure that your driveway will be there for a lifetime and continue to give you years and years of service all while increasing the curb appeal and value of your home.


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Whether it’s our responsive, timely service, our accurate and easy to understand work estimates, or our expert, friendly and knowledgeable technicians, we’re positive that you’ll be happy that you chose Concrete Designs Peoria for all of your concrete driveway needs.

Driveway Replacement is like a  new canvas and we love to dress a home with a beautiful finish, It is an art we are proud of.  There’s no better facelift to the curb appeal to a home than a brand new stamped concrete driveway. 

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The subgrade follows, we bring in a compacted gravel base to give your new driveway a bed to sit on that will not settle or erode over time.  Next is reinforcing rebar that gives the slab the tensile strength to hold up whatever load you might put on it.  We use ¾” rebar (no wire mesh like others) and we put it on chairs so it stays where it should (not just pull it up and step back on it like others).  Like all of our concrete we use a high strength 3,000 psi mix or higher and use a water reducer to prevent the addition of too much water that dilutes the mix. 

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Driveway replacements are right up our alley.  Replacing driveways is our favorite way to express our skill with concrete whether you’re going with a standard regular broom finish, Exposed concrete driveway, or a color and stamped concrete driveway, Concrete Designs Peoria prides themselves in multiple beautiful different concrete finishes.  There’s no better facelift to the curb appeal to a home than a brand new driveway.

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Many times damaged driveways that are beginning to show signs of cracking, breaking or sinking are reacting to an incorrectly finished surface, inadequate reinforcing or poorly prepared sub-grade. We take a lot of pride in the measures that we take to prevent crumbling and other damage to our concrete pours. Whether it’s the fact that we carefully lay a base layer of hard packed gravel beneath each of our pours, or the fact that we use a good quality sealer after every pour to improve its durability and strength, it’s clear that we do all we can to protect your investment. Don’t settle for less than the absolute best in driveway contractors.

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When searching for a concrete contractor in Chandler, Phoenix or any Surrounding area, its Important to look at options. Sometimes there are fixes for minor cracks and chips. We use adhesion supply to mix into patch and concrete repair, lets be honest though. Sometimes its just best to look at a full driveway demo. In Concrete Designs have faith that well communicate professionally and pay close attention to detail when designing your colored &/or stamped driveway or patio. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

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